Facing Conservation Requirements Due To Drought? How Can You Painlessly Reduce Your Home's Water Consumption?

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Many city and county governments in areas hard-hit by recent droughts have instituted water restrictions in an attempt to preserve the existing water supply and minimize wear and tear on pumps, pipes, and other plumbing components. If you're currently utilizing more than the new restrictions permit, you'll be faced with potential fines if you don't quickly make your home more water-efficient. Read on for several ways to help permanently reduce your family's water consumption without impacting your lifestyle.

27 December 2015

Planning A Major Landscaping Improvement For Your Yard? Things You Should Recycle

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If you are planning to have a major landscaping improvement for your yard, you should consider the things you can recycle instead of throwing them away. Many things you can reuse yourself, or you can send them to a recycling center. Metal Edging If you have a lot of flower gardens, or a very large one, and used metal as an edging around them, you can recycle the metal, and even make some money.

9 December 2015

How Firm A Foundation: What Do You Want Your House To Stand On?

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When you decide it's time to build a new house, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. One of the most important things is what kind of foundation your house is going to have. There are all kinds of reasons that you need to have a strong foundation, including the fact that a strong foundation keeps your house nice and square, and keeps your roof in good shape.

19 November 2015

Landscape Design Ideas To Complete Your New Home Build

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When you build a new home, you often spend so much of your time designing and building your home that you forget you have a lot full of dirt to design around your home as well. Landscape design doesn't have to be intricate, but you should have some idea of how you want your land to look so you can start planting trees, flowers, and shrubbery to give your home personality.

3 November 2015

Taking A Closer Look At The Costs Of Septic Tank Installation

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When you are in the process of making some upgrades to an existing home, make sure you do not avoid the features that make the home functional. One feature that will deserve your attention is definitely the septic tank and system. Here are a few of the most prevailing questions homeowners tend to have about septic tank installation and the costs involved. How much does just a septic tank usually cost?

18 October 2015

How To Keep Water Outside Of Your Home's Basement

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If you are a homeowner with a basement, you may be familiar with all the problems you can have with water getting into it. These are 5 things you should to do prevent water from getting in and causing damage. 1. Have Your Foundation Inspected The best way to prevent water from getting into a basement is to have the foundation inspected by a professional. They will be able to identify weak concrete, structural instabilities, and other issues that can lead to unwanted water inside.

2 October 2015

Should You Xeriscape Your Lawn?

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Whether you live in a part of the country that is undergoing terrible drought conditions or are simply tired of mowing, weed-eating, and edging your lawn each week to stay under your homeowners association's radar, you may be considering xeriscaping -- tearing out your lawn and replacing it with artificial turf, plants, or flowers that require little to no watering and limited additional maintenance. Read on to learn more about xeriscaping, as well as some factors you'll want to consider when deciding whether xeriscaping is right for you.

16 September 2015

Freshening Your Vinyl Siding With A Power Washer

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If your vinyl siding is dirty and drab looking, it's time for a good cleaning. Grab a white cloth and rub it along the side of your house, and you'll probably be shocked at how much dirt you'll pick up. Your house gathers dirt, dust, pollution, bird droppings, and all manner of particles that float through the air. The easiest way to clean it off is with a pressure cleaner. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

27 August 2015

Why Vinyl Siding Is The Best Exterior Remodel

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There are not many remodels that will alter your house as drastically as vinyl siding. Adding vinyl siding to your exterior is pretty much like putting a weatherproof shield on your home. It will protect your existing sidewalls and increase the energy efficiency of your home. This article will explain why vinyl siding is such a practical and smart home remodel.    Vinyl Will Increase the Solar Efficiency of your Home

12 August 2015

Damage Control: Preventing Your Tree's Roots From Damaging Sewer Lines

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Trees are one of the greatest threats to your sewer line. Tree roots have a special ability to seek and find water and nutrients in the ground, which can lead tree roots straight to your sewer. Strong, aggressive roots have been known to wrap around and penetrate sewer lines from great distances. Once tree roots begin to grow in the sewer, the results are leaks, clogs, backups, and expensive sewer repair.

25 July 2015