A Guide To Repairing An Outdated Retaining Wall In Your Landscape


That outdated retaining wall you have in your landscape may have once served an important purpose, but with every passing year you see the wall lean just a bit further over toward the ground. You may start to question how in the world the wall is still standing if it is under that much pressure and is so unstable. Chances are, eventually, that old retaining wall will come down; it is just a matter of how long it can maintain a delicate balancing act.

26 December 2014

You're Building A New Home! 3 Types Of Lighting You'll Need To Choose

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One of the great things about having a custom home built is that you get to pick everything out, including all the light fixtures. Walking into a home improvement store can be a little intimidating though, especially if you've never actually picked out lighting before. Lighting involves a lot more than just walking in and picking out a few fixtures. In fact, there are different types of lighting fixtures for different areas in your home.

19 December 2014

Selling A Home? Five Easy Ways To Add Value

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With the downturn in the housing market, there are now many homes for sale. This can be problematic if you are also trying to sell a home. It can be difficult to catch and keep the attention of potential buyers. What those savvy in real estate know it that the best strategy for making a sale is having an X factor that differentiates your home from all the others on the block.

26 September 2014

3 Tips To Help Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

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If your home is located in a part of the country that experiences cold winters, then you know that frozen pipes are definitely a scary possibility. Frozen pipes can burst as the pressure behind the ice blockage builds up too much, which can cause serious flooding in your home. This is something everyone wants to avoid, and thankfully there are some ways to keep your pipes from freezing. Here are 3 ways to keep ice from forming in your home's water pipes.

25 September 2014

Which Wood Works: Best Types Of Wood For Fencing Designs

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Wood fences offer a number of benefits to the homeowner, including increased security and privacy. But which wood is the best wood? While there are many different types of wood, there are three varieties that are arguably the best for fence building: evergreen, cedar and redwood. Below you can find information about all three types of wood, and why they are often considered to be the best options when building a fence.

24 September 2014

3 Common Problems With Homemade Cookies -- And How To Fix Them

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You gather all of the ingredients, follow the directions, wait in anticipation -- and then there's definitely something wrong with your homemade cookies. It happens to the best of bakers and a few common problems lead to easy solutions for the next batch.  How can you make a better batch of cookies next time? Consider the following: Problem: Cookies Too Tough To Chew  You take a cookie off the tray, take a bite, and find that the texture isn't too far from that of children's clay.

23 September 2014

4 Plants To Spruce Up Your Pool's Tropical Landscape

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When you think of a tropical landscape for your swimming pool, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a palm tree. Unfortunately, these can cost quite the pretty penny, so it may not be an option at first. If you are looking for more affordable ways of enhancing the landscape around your swimming pool, here are four plants that can provide inexpensive, sophisticated assistance: 1. Banana Plants

23 September 2014

Steps to Achieving Effective Drain Cleaning

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Drain cleaning is one household chore that most home owners do not look forward to, but it is an important chore to carry out to keep sinks clear from any debris and allow the water to run smoothly through the drains. If you find water clogging in the sink of the kitchen or bathroom, then it is time you shift your attention to some home maintenance. Follow these simple steps mentioned below to help you effectively clean the drains.

23 September 2014

Roof Maintenance - Repair Or New Installation?

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If you're having problems with your roof, some maintenance work will be needed to prevent further damage and safeguard your house. Most importantly, you will need to decide which route you need to take – repair or new installation. A new installation will cost you more, but if the timing is right, it might save you more damage as shown in this article. Find out how to discern the right roof maintenance for your home.

18 September 2014