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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing An Aluminum Fence

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If you have decided to upgrade your yard this summer by installing an aluminum fence, there are steps you need to take in order to avoid making mistakes with the installation process. By avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to successfully install a beautiful looking aluminum fence this summer.

Mistake #1: Not Checking for Underground Cables

When you install a fence, you are going to need to dig down into the ground along the line where you want your fence for the fence posts. Before you start doing all that digging, you need to make sure you know where all your underground utility lines are located.

To find out, you can dial 811 and ask them to come and mark the location of all hidden utility cables on your property. Or you can call your utility companies directly for that information. Be sure to call the week before you plan on doing the project to give them time to come out and identify underground utility lines for you.

Mistake #2: Not Planning Things Out

Second, you need to make sure that you plan things out. Just knowing where you want your fence to go is not enough. You need to measure out and figure out how long each section of the fence is, and where each post will go.

You need to make sure that the last section is not too short. If the last section of the fence is too short, you may need to make the last two sections a little shorter in order to have a balanced looking fence. You need to mark where each post for the fence needs to be dug; you don't want to spend time digging out a fence post hole, only to discover you were a foot off because you didn't measure things out.

Measure out your fence, figure out how to make the last section an adequate size, and mark where all the holes should go.

Mistake #3: Trying to Manual Dig Fence Posts

Finally, don't try to manually dig all the fence posts. That is going to add countless hours to your project and will put a lot of additional stress on your body. The only time digging your own fence posts makes sense is if you are putting up a fence where you only need three or less fence posts, and the dirt is soft, otherwise, don't try to do it manually.

Instead, rent an auger to dig the fence posts. An auger is a tool that will make digging the fence posts go much smoother. An auger will also easily cut through harder soil.

When it comes to installing your own aluminum fence this summer, be aware of where utility lines are located, plan out your fence, and use an auger to dig the fence posts. Purchase high-quality aluminum fencing and enjoy a nice space once the fence is installed.



28 July 2020