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Why You Should Engage A Construction Business That Is Owned And Operated By Disabled Veterans

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A disabled veteran business enterprise in construction is a unique opportunity, both for the disabled veteran that establishes the construction business, and for the customers that hire him/her. It is difficult to find these construction entrepreneurs, but when you do, there are plenty of good reasons to hire these contractors. Here are some of those reasons. 

The Biggest Thank You for the Veteran's Service

A lot of veterans who come back without limbs or having lost some of their sight have paid a very big price for everyone else's freedom. If you feel obligated to say "thank you" to these vets, it is actually more meaningful if you do something that gives the vet pride. For those vets that are trying to own and operate a construction business so that they can feel good about what they lost and still support themselves and their families, hiring them to build something for you is the biggest "thank you" you can give them. 

You Are Doing More Than Just Hiring a Construction Contractor

When you hire a construction contractor that is also a disabled vet, you are doing more than just hiring a contractor and supporting a small business. You are helping the vet's/contractor's family with your patronage. The profits the contractor makes from working for you goes to support the vet's/contractor's family, as well as his/her business. In a way, you are giving back to this vet that you hire as a construction contractor to build something for you. 

You Are Helping the Vet's Business Succeed

By engaging the vet's construction business to work for you, you are helping the vet's business succeed. For new businesses and small businesses, it is vital that there be a steady stream of proverbial foot traffic in order for the business to survive. Most of these disabled vets might be living on a military subsidy or Social Security benefits, which often do not pay enough to start a business, let alone keep the business going. Your patronage helps the business keep going. 

Other Related Services Owned by Disabled Veterans

Construction is not the only type of business into which disabled vets are trying to break new ground. They are also owners of equipment rental companies, construction equipment rental companies, and excavation equipment rental companies. If you need any of this equipment in conjunction to hiring a construction company owned and operated by a disabled vet, you can help out more than one vet with their businesses at the same time. 


13 January 2020