Maximize Space in Your Custom Built Home

Building a custom home is a great experience. But sticking within your budget can be difficult. When figuring out how much your new home is going to cost, you usually have to think in terms of square footage. But there are ways to increase your square footage and still save. For example, building up by adding a second story on the house is less expensive than building out, because that’s less area that will need a foundation and roof coverage. I started this blog to help you find ways to get the space that you need in your custom home, without having to spend more than you can afford. Building my custom home was the best money I ever spent, and I’m happy to help you learn how to get the custom home you want.

Restoring Your Home After A Fire: What Will The Experts Do To Get Your Home Looking Good Again?


Did you arrive home only to find out that your house was on fire? The fire may have destroyed some of your belongings while leaving a lot of smoke and soot behind for you to deal with. It is not safe to stay in your home when it has such a heavy smoke odor because it can make it difficult for you to breathe, causing all kinds of respiratory issues for you and any of your loved ones that live with you. While you may be tempted to work on cleaning the home out on your own, you should enlist expert help from a fire restoration company because they can take all the right steps to restore your home to the pre-fire condition that it was in.

Eliminating the Odor With an Air Scrubber

The purpose of an air scrubber is to purify the air around you. When you walk into your home, you have probably noticed that it smells like a campfire in each room because the smoke scent is strong and it is still lingering all around. The professionals can bring in heavy-duty air scrubbers and place them into different rooms throughout the property. These air scrubbers will filter out the polluted air, leaving the air inside your home both fresh and clean. Along with using the air scrubbers, the professionals may open windows to help get the smoke odor out of the home for good.

Washing Areas With a Soot Cleaner

Special cleaners are designed for the purpose of removing soot from walls and other surfaces, including hardwood floors, tables, and staircases. Aside from the smoke odor, there is probably a lot of soot on the floors, walls, and other areas of the home that would need to be carefully removed. The fire restoration experts will wear protective gear when working with the soot cleanser for their own safety while ensuring that they are removing all traces of the soot. If you have carpeted floors in certain rooms, they may need to go ahead with vacuuming and shampooing the carpets to get rid of the soot and any odor left behind from that fire.

The aftermath of a fire is often quite devastating, and the thought of trying to clean things up on your own may be daunting. Instead of making an attempt to do it yourself, you can let the fire damage restoration technicians work on restoring your home to its pre-fire condition by eliminating the odor with an air scrubber, using a soot cleaner to remove all traces of soot, and performing any additional steps that are necessary to get your home into great condition.


25 September 2019