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Planning An Outdoor Festival? Handle Bathroom Planning Like A Pro

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Planning an outdoor festival or other event is an excellent way to bring the community together. However, the process is a lot of work. Attendees will expect that you have completed a considerable amount of planning to ensure the event goes off without a problem, including planning for bathroom facilities.

If this event is your first time in the planning seat, learn some bathroom planning tips you want to follow if you want everyone to walk away with a smile on their faces. 

More is Better

Determine what number of bathroom facilities you need to have available for the attendees using "a more is better" type of an attitude. When it comes to bathrooms, less is never more. If attendees are greeted with long lines to use the facilities, they may be more apt to leave, which can hurt sales for your event. Most rental companies can tell you how many toilets you need to have per number of attendees, so ensure you follow their expert advice.

Handwashing Stations

People want to feel clean after they use the restroom. Ensure you have handwashing stations on-hand near the bathrooms. Keep in mind, you don't necessarily need to have the same number of handwashing stations as you do toilets. A large circular style handwashing area is great because a single unit can serve multiple people at one time. 


Whenever you deal with a large number of people, someone is bound to make a mess. Make sure you plan ahead for cleaning of the facilities. Similar to too few bathrooms, dirty facilities can send a person on their way home. Cleaning throughout the day is especially important if the event will last for a long time, such as the entire day. Hire someone to quickly come in and clean the bathrooms a few times during the day. 


Cover as much area with your toilet facilities as possible; you don't necessarily want to put all the toilets in the same area. Try to divide your event space up into sections. For example, if you were planning a carnival, you'd have a place for food, an area for games, and a ride area. In this scenario, having bathroom facilities in each of these areas would be most convenient for the attendees because they could use the facilities and get right back to what they were doing. 

Follow these tips to ensure you don't have any problems with the bathroom facilities you provide the attendees. A portable toilet rental services company will be able to further help you choose which options are best for your event and set up delivery options for you. 


10 October 2018