Maximize Space in Your Custom Built Home

Building a custom home is a great experience. But sticking within your budget can be difficult. When figuring out how much your new home is going to cost, you usually have to think in terms of square footage. But there are ways to increase your square footage and still save. For example, building up by adding a second story on the house is less expensive than building out, because that’s less area that will need a foundation and roof coverage. I started this blog to help you find ways to get the space that you need in your custom home, without having to spend more than you can afford. Building my custom home was the best money I ever spent, and I’m happy to help you learn how to get the custom home you want.

Pros And Cons Of Different Driveway Styles For Those Building Custom Homes

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Designing a custom home with a builder is about more than deciding on a layout that will suit you and your family members. To truly build the home of your dreams, you should also give extensive thought to the look and layout of the yard and its various elements. One of these elements is the driveway; it might not seem like your biggest concern, but it's important to carefully evaluate. There are several different types of driveways that may suit your property size and type, and each has its own pros and cons. Here are some of these factors to keep in mind as you and your custom home builders plan out the driveway of your custom home:

Short And Straight

Driveways that are short and straight are commonplace in conventional subdivisions but are often less common leading up to homes on bigger and/or rural lots. There are plenty of advantages to a short and straight driveway, including the fact that it's easy to navigate, especially if you're backing up. Its drawbacks include that it may not provide adequate parking if you're hosting a large gathering at your home, and without a place to turn around, people may have to back out onto the busy street.


A circular driveway can suit the look of your home and the yard as a whole. Its benefits are that it typically gives people lots of space to park their vehicles, while also allowing your family members and guests to turn around so that they aren't backing out into the street. Drawbacks of a circular driveway are that it takes up more space in your yard, which may be an issue if you have children and want the front yard as big as possible. Additionally, if you're paying for snow removal, the snow removal service will likely charge you more than a short, straight driveway.


Winding driveways can be ideal if your home is a fair distance back from the road. If you have a treed lot, a winding driveway will allow you to keep many of the trees in the yard, rather than have them cut down, because the driveway can be positioned to go around the trees. For a large house on a large lot, a winding driveway can have a regal feel. Its drawbacks include the fact that it takes longer to drive along, which may occasionally be annoying, and unless there's a place for you to turn around next to the house, the winding driveway may be very difficult to back down.


10 November 2017