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The Top Three Signs That You May Need A Sewer Pump Repair

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A sewer pump, also called a sewage ejector pump, is used when a plumbing fixture is used below the main sewer or septic line. This is typically the case when toilets, showers and laundry rooms are in basements.The reason why a pump is needed in this situation is because of gravity. A pump helps to pump the waste upward into the sewer line so it can be expelled from your home. Without the pump, the sewage would not be able to flow upwards into the proper line. If you have a sewer pump, you need to know what the signs are that the pump may be in need or repair. If you fail to catch these signs, your waste may not flow up and out, instead being trapped until it eventually overflows. Here are three of the top signs that you may need a sewer pump repair. 

You Hear Strange Noises Near the Plumbing Fixtures

One of the first warning signs that something may be wrong with your sewer pump are strange noises coming from or around your plumbing fixtures below the sewer line when water is draining from them. Most often, these sounds are gurgling noises. The gurgling is caused by water slowly draining away from your washing machine or toilet, rather than flowing out as it should. If you notice any gurgling or bubbling sounds, your fixtures may be telling you that there is an issue with your sewer pump. 

You Smell Bad Smells Near the Plumbing Fixtures

Another sign that is indicative of a potential sewer pump problem is bad smells coming from your plumbing fixtures or from the area nearest the sewer pump. If the sewer pump is in need of repair, it may not be able to pump waste up to the main sewer line. Instead, your lines are simply filling up with waste and dirty water. This is where the smells you are smelling are coming from. 

Your Plumbing Fixtures are Flooding

The last potential warning sign of a sewer pump that is in need of repair is plumbing fixtures that are flooding. If your sewer pump is in need or repair, it may not be pumping waste and dirty water up to the sewer line. When this occurs, the waste will sit in the lines below the main sewer line. However, those lines will quickly fill up and then waste has nowhere to go. When this occurs, the flooding starts. Your toilet may overflow, your sinks or tubs may have water coming up from the drains or water may seep out of the back of your washing machine. This is a tell-tale sign that your sewer pump is not working as it should and should be addressed quickly. 

Properly maintaining your sewer pump is the best way to prevent unnecessary repairs. However, despite your best efforts, the pump may wear down due to age. Knowing what the signs are of a pump that is not properly working can help you get yours repaired before it fails completely. 

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8 October 2017