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Designing A New Community Playground? 4 Tips To Create One That Will Provide The Perfect Environment For Kids

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If your community has decided to develop a new playground for the kids, don't settle on the same-old setting. Today's playgrounds need to go beyond the basic. They need to get kids involved in outdoor activities. Not only that, but the new community playground needs to be a place where parents, and caregivers, feel comfortable bringing their kids. Here are four steps you can take to make sure you develop the best possible playground for the kids in your community:

Allow for Free Play Space

With so many planned activities for kids to be involved in, it's important for them to have plenty of free-play space when they go to the park. They don't just need the swings and the monkey bars; they also need open space to run and play with the other kids. When designing the playground, leave some open space for imagination to flourish.

Encourage Growth and Development

Outdoor play is a great way for kids to grow and develop. The right playground equipment can encourage that growth and development; both mentally and physically. When choosing playground equipment for the park, choose equipment that encourages both types of childhood development. For instance, overhead climbing bars will help develop upper-body strength, while equipment that incorporates puzzle pieces, and movement, will encourage mental growth and development.

Get the Kids Involved

Now that you're in the planning stages for the new community playground, use this time to get the local kids involved. Give them the opportunity to voice their opinions on the type of equipment they'd like to see in their new playground. Allowing the kids to have a say in the choices will ensure that you include equipment that the kids will actually use. Failing to get input from the local kids could result in a playground that the kids don't enjoy using.

Make It All-Inclusive

When it comes to designing a community playground, you need to make sure that it's all-inclusive. An all-inclusive playground should include equipment that's geared to children of all ages, as well as children of all physical abilities. In other words, a community playground should have equipment for young children, as well as equipment that's geared towards kids with physical limitations. Utilizing lower platforms and smaller slides will provide safer play areas for young children. Utilizing ramps, and equipment that encourages the use of the upper-body will allow children with disabilities the opportunity to play along side other children.

Now that you're designing a new community playground, make sure it's designed with the kids in mind. Talk to your contractor about incorporating the ideas provided here. Contact a company like Playgrounds USA for more information and assistance. 


22 July 2017