Maximize Space in Your Custom Built Home

Building a custom home is a great experience. But sticking within your budget can be difficult. When figuring out how much your new home is going to cost, you usually have to think in terms of square footage. But there are ways to increase your square footage and still save. For example, building up by adding a second story on the house is less expensive than building out, because that’s less area that will need a foundation and roof coverage. I started this blog to help you find ways to get the space that you need in your custom home, without having to spend more than you can afford. Building my custom home was the best money I ever spent, and I’m happy to help you learn how to get the custom home you want.

How To Reseal Grout Lines


There are few flooring options that are as elegant and stylish as tile. It is understandable why tile such a popular product in kitchens and bathrooms. Not only is it stylish, it is also very durable. The weakest part of any tile floor is the grout. It is a vulnerable to water damage and cracking if it is not properly sealed. This article explains how you can clean and reseal your grout lines to increase the strength and water resistance of your tile floor.

Cleaning the Floor

You definitely want to invest in an all-in-one tile and grout sealer. It comes in large jugs that you can basically pour directly onto your floor. That being said, it is quite expensive. You might want to be sparing with it, so you can reuse it down the road. In addition to the sealant, you will also want some scrub brushes and a bunch of lint-free rags. The sealant will also work as a sort of cleaner because it should brighten the grout and restore it to its original color. But you still need to clean any soap scum or mold buildup in your grout lines before you use it. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed off any mold, dirt or soap scum, you want to quickly vacuum and mop your entire floor.

Sealing the Floor

You should be wearing clothes that you don't my mind damaging and throwing away afterward because you have to be on your hands and knees. They will surely get soaked in the grout sealant. Have the rags ready so you can immediately spread the sealant around as soon as you pour it onto the ground. It's important that you spread the sealant all over the grout and tile. Depending on what products you choose, you will need to let it soak into your floor for a few minutes before wiping it away. Then, you will need to repeat the process to her three times. The more coat you apply, the more protection you give your floor.

After the final coat, you should stay off your floor for about 24 hours. Then, you will notice a light film that has dried on your floor. Just use a slightly damp sponge to wipe away this film. This is all you really need to do to effectively reseal and clean your grout lines. If you want your floor to look clean and fresh over the years, it is important to repeat this process.

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30 August 2016