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Planning A Major Landscaping Improvement For Your Yard? Things You Should Recycle

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If you are planning to have a major landscaping improvement for your yard, you should consider the things you can recycle instead of throwing them away. Many things you can reuse yourself, or you can send them to a recycling center.

Metal Edging

If you have a lot of flower gardens, or a very large one, and used metal as an edging around them, you can recycle the metal, and even make some money.

Non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, and copper are generally worth more. Ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, may not be as valuable. Scrap yards will accept both type of metals, however. You can recycle your metal even if you do not have a lot of it, as scrap yards will take any quantity you have. Your payout, however, is determined by how much the metal weighs.


If you ordered any landscaping equipment, flowers, etc., they likely came to you in cardboard boxes. Take any cardboard you have to a local recycling center. You don't have to worry about taking any labels off the boxes, unless you do not want someone to see your name and address. If the cardboard gets wet, the recycling center will not take it. You also need to break down all boxes and flatten them before you take them to the recycling center.

Concrete Patio

If you are tearing out your concrete patio slab, a concrete recycling center can remove it for you. They will then crush the concrete, and then reuse it as an aggregate for structural layers when laying concrete for other purposes, such as driveways. It is easy to recycle concrete, as there are generally no restrictions. Most recycling centers will come to your home to pick up the concrete for you.

You can also reuse the concrete yourself in many ways. Use broken pieces to make a concrete pathway from your driveway to another area of your yard. If you want to make this permanent, you can set the concrete pieces in cement, and then put grouting between them.

You could even make a small retaining wall if you have a lot of concrete. Break it into square-shaped blocks, and then wedge the pieces together until your retaining wall is the height you want it to be. You can place cement between each level if you want to make the wall more secure.

Wood from Deck

If you are knocking down a deck to replace it with a new one, or you just want to get rid of it altogether, you need to decide what you want to do with the wood. One thing you can do is to call your recycling center, and ask them for suggestions on where you can donate the wood.

You can also reuse the wood by decorate your yard. You could make flower boxes for your windows, bird houses, a work bench, garden trellises, and many other things. You could use the wood inside your home by making a rustic picture frame or shelving.

You should not burn decking wood in a fireplace. The wood was likely treated, stained, sealed, or painted. These things can contain chemicals that can make the wood highly flammable, and can also damage your chimney.

Talk with your landscape contractor, who will also have some other ideas on how you can recycle things from your landscaping project.


9 December 2015