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Building a custom home is a great experience. But sticking within your budget can be difficult. When figuring out how much your new home is going to cost, you usually have to think in terms of square footage. But there are ways to increase your square footage and still save. For example, building up by adding a second story on the house is less expensive than building out, because that’s less area that will need a foundation and roof coverage. I started this blog to help you find ways to get the space that you need in your custom home, without having to spend more than you can afford. Building my custom home was the best money I ever spent, and I’m happy to help you learn how to get the custom home you want.

How Firm A Foundation: What Do You Want Your House To Stand On?

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When you decide it's time to build a new house, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. One of the most important things is what kind of foundation your house is going to have. There are all kinds of reasons that you need to have a strong foundation, including the fact that a strong foundation keeps your house nice and square, and keeps your roof in good shape. But, there are different kinds of foundations that you could choose. 

Frost-Protected Foundation

When the weather gets cold, the ground freezes up. How far down it freezes depends on where you are located and what the average winter temperature in your area is. That frost isn't very nice to your foundation. It can actually cause your parts of your foundation to move and settle, which can lead to cracks. Those cracks can let water in, cause walls to settle, and even cause roof damage.

A frost-protected foundation consists of two parts. One is the concrete slab that your house will be built on. But underneath that slab, there's a series of poured concrete piers that are dug down below the average level of the frost line. These piers support the slab and help tie it in place. They will minimize the amount of damage that the frost could do to your foundation. The concrete slab may also be poured using an insulated concrete, which can also help to protect it from the frost. 

Concrete Slab Foundation

The concrete slab foundation is just that, a nice flat slab of concrete that can support the weight of the walls and your house. This is probably the most common kind of foundation that is used in houses. 

Wood Foundation

You might not realize it, but you could choose to go with a wood foundation if you really want to. The wood isn't just any wood, it's specially treated wood. The treatments keep the wood from rotting. It also makes it less prone to insects getting into it. It's also lighter than a concrete foundation if you are building somewhere that may have issues with weight. 

If you want to make sure that your house is going to be around for a good long time, you need to plan from the very start and make sure that you have a good foundation. Talk to the contractor who is building your house and see what foundation is right for you. 


19 November 2015