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Should You Xeriscape Your Lawn?

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Whether you live in a part of the country that is undergoing terrible drought conditions or are simply tired of mowing, weed-eating, and edging your lawn each week to stay under your homeowners association's radar, you may be considering xeriscaping -- tearing out your lawn and replacing it with artificial turf, plants, or flowers that require little to no watering and limited additional maintenance. Read on to learn more about xeriscaping, as well as some factors you'll want to consider when deciding whether xeriscaping is right for you. 

What is xeriscaping? 

This type of landscaping focuses on a single primary goal -- reducing the water usage of your lawn while maintaining sufficient vegetation to avoid erosion and other soil problems. This allows you the freedom to xeriscape with anything from cacti and decorative stones to certain types of water-eschewing ground cover, flowers, or even artificial grass. However, achieving the right visual and environmental balance can be tough, particularly when you're starting from scratch with a bare lawn. You may want to enlist a landscape designer to provide you with some potential designs and information on the specific types of plants that do well in your local climate.

When is xeriscaping a good idea?

There are a couple of situations in which the effort and expense of replacing a grass lawn with a xeriscaped lawn is well worth it.

If your area has fallen victim to a major drought, you may be dealing with a brown and barren lawn due to water use restrictions. This can potentially land you into trouble with your homeowners association (at least if your neighbors are using grey water to keep their lawns in a passable condition, leaving yours to stand out). If your area has been in a drought long enough for watering restrictions to be imposed, it's likely that these conditions will take some time to improve. Xeriscaping can help you avoid the effort of struggling to maintain a dying lawn until weather patterns change.

Xeriscaping can also be a great way for busy homeowners to cut down the amount of time they spend maintaining their lawns. If you feel as though each weekend is consumed with outdoor chores but you want to maintain your home's exterior in a presentable condition, using low-maintenance, slow-growing plants and flowers can allow you to do only a minimal amount of pruning and weeding. You may opt to use artificial turf for a portion of your lawn to keep the green look without needing to mow or weed-eat.


16 September 2015