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4 Reasons To Make Geothermal Heating A Permanent Part Of Your Home

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Geothermal heating systems are systems that take air from the ground and bring it directly into your home. This is definitely not the traditional way to heat your home but it is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. There are many homeowners that still aren't sure that geothermal systems will make a difference. However, here are four main benefits of these systems that can prove them wrong:

  1. Low Maintenance: Geothermal heating systems have very few moving components, unlike traditional heating systems. This means that there is much less maintenance since moving components easily begin to wear after a while, and with fewer moving parts, the less wear and tear you are likely to deal with in a short period of time. Plus, geothermal systems are sheltered indoors instead of located outside of the home, which makes them less susceptible to wear and tear from outside conditions. With the system being located indoors, it is also easier to gain access to, which guarantees you are more likely to check on it for repairs and filter changes. 
  2. Safe: Geothermal systems are much safer than traditional heating systems for the simple fact that they do not use the combustion of fossil fuels to heat the home, but instead extract heat from the ground. This reduces the danger of indoor combustion, such as leaks, flames, and bad smells. This can save you from a house fire and major health issues due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Geothermal systems use clean air and energy to bring heat into the home. This is also going to reduce your costs on energy each month, which makes running your heater more enjoyable than stressful. 
  4. Tax Breaks: When you install a geothermal system for your home, you can expect a tax break, which will cover the cost of the installation of the system. This is only available for a short amount of time, which means that you must install this system quickly in order to receive the benefit of the tax break. This is going to save you even more money than just the savings you will see on your energy bill each month.

By knowing these four reasons to make geothermal heating a permanent part of your home, you can better understand why this system is becoming increasingly popular. Many homeowners still feel the need to stick with the traditional systems, but in the end you will find that the geothermal systems greatly outweigh traditional systems for their amount of benefits. Contact a company like A-C Contractors Heating & Cooling for more information.


3 June 2015