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4 Early Signals Of A Residential Electrical Problem

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Like many people, you may not have ever lived without without electricity, or ever experienced electrical problems in your house. That's why you may not be able to recognize an electrical problem until it is a serious one. Here are some early signs that you may need electrical repairs in your home.

Part-Time Outlets

If you notice that one of your outlets only works part of the time, you might think that's an interesting curiosity and leave it at that. However, if that is happening, there is a good chance that the outlet has a loose connection that needs to be examined, to ensure that wires aren't exposed. If not, you may find that the outlet stops working altogether, which can be inconvenient. Even worse, plugging something into that outlet will eventually start causing nasty electrical shocks whenever someone tries to plug something in. 

Frequent Circuit Tripping

At times, you will have to reset your circuit breaker because the electrical load is too high; for instance, you may be using too many electric-powered items at once. However, if you notice that your circuit breaker is constantly tripping and causing power to fail in your home, there may be a problem. It may be that you need to have new electrical work done to accommodate the electrical load, or that the circuit breaker is old and needs to be professionally replaced.

Pest Problems

You may not know this, but if you have mice, squirrels and other pets in your crawlspace or inside your walls, you may have an electrical problem as well. That's because rodents and other pests like to chew electrical wiring. Over time, your wiring may become frayed and ultimately, there could be an electrical fire because of the exposed wires.

Make sure you take steps to keep small critters away from your home, so that they don't sneak in and put your home in this kind of danger. Talk to pest control experts to get rid of these pests, and get in touch with an electrician to assess the state of your wires.

Burning Smell

You may not associate smells with the electricity in your home, but if you notice a burning scent whenever you flip a switch in a particular room or near an outlet, that could be a major problem. In that case, contact an electrician from places like Excel Electric Inc right away. You may have an outlet that is overloaded, but you may also have the beginnings of an electrical fire. To be safe, you might even turn off electrical power to your home until the electrician arrives.

If you notice that you're experiencing any of the signs in this article, contact a local residential electrician right away. The electrician can diagnose any problems, make necessary repairs and put your mind at ease about the electricity in your home.


24 March 2015