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Should You Replace Or Repair Your Furnace?

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One of the most important utilities in your home is your furnace. One day, your furnace will break down, and you will be faced with the difficult decision to replace or repair it. In order to come to a final decision, it will help to ask yourself these 3 questions

How Old Is The Furnace?

On average, a furnace will last around 15-20 years, and even more than that if you are lucky. If the furnace is less than 15 years old, repair might be the cost efficient option. After all, some repair work could keep it running for many more years.

A great reason to replace an old furnace is the energy efficiency benefits you are going to see. Today's top furnaces can be up to 98.5% efficient, which will blow any 20 year old furnace out of the water in terms of how efficiently it can heat your home. While you will be paying for a substantial upgrade, you will see cost savings over the years in the form of a lower heating bill.

How Often Do You Perform Regular Maintenance?

There are a few things that you should be doing to help maintain your furnace, starting with something as simple as regularly changing the air filter. It is also common to have a furnace serviced by an HVAC specialist every couple years to ensure everything is running properly. They will check the wiring, seal your ductwork, and give the furnace a proper cleaning.

If you have been neglecting this type of maintenance, the neglect could be shortening the lifespan of your home's furnace. You may be better off getting a new furnace so that you have a fresh start. Homeowners that do have regular maintenance performed should look into repair to extend the life of their furnace even more.

What Kind Of Budget Do You Have For A New Furnace?

Once an HVAC specialist gives you a price quote on how much it will be to repair the broken furnace, you can really consider if it is worth replacing or repairing. If you cannot afford a new furnace right now, get your current one repaired. Since a furnace can last up to 20 years, you shouldn't run out and buy the cheapest furnace if that's all you are able to afford at the moment.

If you are on the fence about a purchasing a new furnace, keep in mind that it may be possible to get rebates from your local electric and gas company, plus an energy credit on your taxes if the furnace is ENERGY STAR compliant.

By asking yourself these important questions, you'll be sure to make the right decision about replacing or repairing your furnace. For more information, contact Proctor Mechanical Corp. or a similar company.


17 February 2015