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Natural Ways To Eliminate Problematic Pigeons From Your Balcony

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If you live in an upstairs apartment and are tired of pigeons using your balcony as their new resting spot, take action and use some natural methods to eliminate them. As a result, your balcony will be pest-free and you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself while outdoors. 

Necessary Materials

  • pie tins
  • hole puncher
  • twine
  • plastic spikes
  • vinyl tape
  • scissors
  • colorful ribbon
  • metal hooks

Metal Pie Tins And Aluminum Foil

A good way to distract the pigeons and make your balcony less inviting is by placing shiny items within view. Pigeons are not fond of items that reflect light. Use a hole puncher to insert holes in the top of pie tins and insert a piece of twine through each one. Hang them up by tying them around hooks that are placed in the corners of your balcony. Use pieces of aluminum foil to cover tables, chairs, and the balcony's railing.

Although these items may not be pleasing to your eyes, they will only need to be used for a short amount of time. The pigeons will find your balcony uninviting and will quickly leave your property.

Plastic Spikes

Purchase plastic spikes to place in areas that the birds regularly use to perch on. Many brands come with self-adhesive backings, making them simple to affix to any surface that is hard. Other kinds of spikes can be attached with vinyl tape. The spikes will not pose a threat to the pigeons, but they will find that they can not easily rest in the areas that they usually frequent. Once the pigeons are no longer a problem, remove the spikes by pulling them off of each surface.

Strips Of Colorful Ribbon

Pigeons use their depth perception to safely land. Hinder their perception by hanging up strips of colorful ribbon in the areas that the birds are commonly seen in. Use heavy-duty tape to do this. The ribbon will move around when it is windy and the different colors will cause the birds to become confused. After several failed attempts at landing, the pigeons will fly away and seek another place for refuge.

Eliminating pigeons may take some determination and a short while to accomplish, but your efforts will be well-worth it. You will no longer need to worry about having to clean up behind these pests and will be able to enjoy the time that you spend on your balcony. Contact a company like Antex Exterminating Co Inc for more information.


10 February 2015