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Four Reasons Why You Will Want To Use Real Slate On Your New Tile Roof

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If you have been thinking about installing a slate roof on your home, there are many products to choose from. You can choose from different styles of synthetic slates, and many different colors of real slate tiles. There are many benefits to using real slate on your roof because it is a roofing material that has been prevent to last for many years, some roofs may even last for more than one hundred years. With synthetic products, the material has not even been available for that long. If you want to have slate installed on your home, here are four benefits for real slate roofing:

1. Proven Roofing System That Last Longer Than Many Other Materials

Slate roofing is a rock roofing material that has been used for hundreds of years. It is a proven roofing system that sometimes even outlasts the buildings it is installed on. It will outlast products like asphalt and metal, which will eventually need to be replaced. It is even possible for it to last longer than some of the synthetic alternatives that are available today.

2. Resistant To Storm And Wind Damage

Another benefit of slate roofing is that when it is correctly installed, it is resistant to storm and wind damage. Poor quality slate may be vulnerable to cracking and damage, but a high quality slate will last for many years. If the slate is damaged, a roofing contractor can easily repair it and it is not likely for the entire roof to need to be replaced.

3. More Eco-Friendly Than Many Other Roofing Products

Many roofing products are made of materials like asphalt, which is a petroleum product that is known to cause air pollution. Slate roofing will last longer than these products, and keep the pollutants out of the environment. If a slate roofing outlasts a building, it can be reclaimed and reused for the installation of slate tiles on new buildings.

4. Fire Resistant Material That Is Ideal For Dry Climates

If you live in an area with a dry climate, slate roofing is a great material for your roof. It is fire resistant, which can make it great for homes in dry climates, or homes in forested areas that may be prone to things like forest fire. It is a completely fireproof material, which will help to protect your home from fire, which most other roofing materials cannot do.

These are some of the benefits you will get when having slate roofing installed on your home. If you are thinking about installing slate tiles on your roof, contact a roofing contractor at places like Hasslinger Roofing that has experience installing real slate.


28 January 2015