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Fix These Moisture Issues With An Exterior Drain Tile

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One of the most common concerns for homeowners involves water leaking into their basement and causing structural damage. Fortunately, installing an exterior drain tile system, also known as a French drain, around the perimeter of your basement usually solves the problem. Here is a look at some key issues that might make installing an exterior drain necessary.


If the slope of your yard points toward your foundation, then water is almost certainly going to enter your basement, unless you take steps to prevent it. A French drain, which consists of an underground perforated pipe that directs water toward the street, is a good solution. The perforations in the pipe capture excess water in the soil and keep it from reaching your foundation walls.

Rain Gutters

Rain gutters sometimes develop leaks that allow water to reach the basement walls and cause problems. Leaky gutters may become a serious issue if you live in area that receives a lot of rainfall. An exterior drain tile will capture much of the excessive rain water that escapes from your gutters. A related issue occurs when a downspout does not direct water away from your home efficiently. A French drain will help resolve this problem also.

Window Well

Another common source of moisture in basements are window wells. These attractive features are frequently seen in homes with finished basements because they allow more light into the space, but may cause to water damage the foundation if they are not installed properly. An exterior drain tile is one of the best solutions to this issue, as long as the drain is below the level of the window sill. Other solutions for this problem, such as sump pumps, tend to be less effective.


If your foundation walls have any cracks, even if the cracks are very small, they will let water from the soil enter your basement. Repairing foundation walls is expensive, so you may want to look at installing a french drain. The drain prevents water from entering the cracks and stabilizes the situation. As long as the walls are structurally sound, an exterior tile drain could save you a significant amount of money for repair work.

Clearly, installing an exterior drain tile on your property can help resolve a variety of issues that cause excessive moisture in basements. For most homeowners, the installation of this feature is not something you want to tackle yourself. For expert assistance, contact a qualified professional like one from Rite-Way Waterproofing.


3 January 2015