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Steps to Achieving Effective Drain Cleaning

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Drain cleaning is one household chore that most home owners do not look forward to, but it is an important chore to carry out to keep sinks clear from any debris and allow the water to run smoothly through the drains. If you find water clogging in the sink of the kitchen or bathroom, then it is time you shift your attention to some home maintenance. Follow these simple steps mentioned below to help you effectively clean the drains.

Collect drain cleaning supplies

When you have found you are having troubles with your kitchen or bathroom drains, the first step towards resolving the issue is to collect all the supplies and tools necessary to clean the drain. Assemble your team of towels, a trash can, drain caps, and potentially a plumbing snake.

You will need old clean towels to dry your hands. A trash can on hand will help you toss away the dregs you will find when cleaning the drain. If the drain has clogged too much and you cannot do it simply with your hands then you will need a plumbing snake. If the clog is simple and it is visible to you then you can remove it using your hands.

Set aside the drain covers

When you are drain cleaning, you must reach the area you want to work on with ease. Begin the process by removing the drain caps or covers which will help you look into the drains. Visibility will be low, but you will at least be able to see the things which are preventing the water passing through the drain.

The debris is usually small food particles if it is the kitchen sink or hair and toothpaste if it is the bathroom sink. Use your fingers and reach in and remove what you see. It is disgusting and gross, but you must do it if you do not want the task to get more complicated.

Professional help for drain cleaning

Sometimes we avoid the task until it gets too problematic and it becomes absolutely necessary to call for professional help to come in and take care of things. As they are professionals and more experienced with the job, there will be no water backing up into the sink for some time.

Professional drain cleaners such as Rapid Rooter Inc can offer you some advice on how to prevent the build up from re-occurring. Therefore, you have to ask them questions about what you can do in the future to ensure the drains run smoothly.

Drain cleaning is not a task which you can skip altogether. Regularly clean the drains and maintain them well.  Finally, a quick rinse with a store-bought drain cleaner every few weeks will aid in keeping your drains clear.


23 September 2014