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4 Plants To Spruce Up Your Pool's Tropical Landscape

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When you think of a tropical landscape for your swimming pool, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a palm tree. Unfortunately, these can cost quite the pretty penny, so it may not be an option at first. If you are looking for more affordable ways of enhancing the landscape around your swimming pool, here are four plants that can provide inexpensive, sophisticated assistance:

1. Banana Plants

When it comes to more affordable tropical plantation for your swimming pool, banana plants are going to be one of the best choices you could ever make. The great thing about these is that they make an impact on your landscape almost immediately because of their natural tropical nature.

You can place them in a straight row, if you're into a tidy, refined look. Alternatively, you could place them a bit more wildly for an untamed appearance. Either way, you can't go wrong with banana plants around the pool.

2. Canna Plants.

These are best when used between your tall plants, including your bananas, as borders. Tropicana and Bengal Tiger are both great options of canna plants. Both of these varieties will grow between four and six feet tall and have similar colors of flowers.

The best thing about canna plants is that they are typically inexpensive. Plus, they're one of the easiest types of plants to grow, which can be ideal if you don't have much of a green thumb.

3. Caster Bean Plants.

Caster bean plants are very exotic and tropical looking. Depending on where you live, these plants can grow up to 40 feet tall. Their leaves can grow as large as three feet. The plant itself has a coarse texture, which helps to create a very bold statement in your backyard.

They come in a variety of colors, including red, green and purple. Keep in mind that if you have children and animals that the seeds and the plant itself are poisonous.

4. Container Plants.

Whether you decide to splurge on some sophisticated looking pots or you choose to use some cheap pots and turn them into a DIY painting and decorating project, you can't go wrong with container plants around your swimming pool.

Make sure that you choose flamboyant plants, though, such as the mandevilla, plumeria and tropical hibiscus, as these look excellent in pots. Make sure that when using container plants that you use a variety of textures and colors around the pool.

If you're unsure of the exact plants to use for your tropical pool landscape, then contact a landscaping contractor in your area for assistance. They can help you get your hands on the best of the best while keeping your budget in mind. To learn more, contact a company like SWF Construction, LLC for help.


23 September 2014